A Look Into the Future for Honda

Honda has been keeping pretty busy these days, but what are they cooking up for the next few years? Thanks to a few resources we got to take a peek and share it with you.
Debuting with the all-new 2013 Honda Accord, we will see the new and more efficient “Earth Dreams” family of engines spread throughout the Honda lineup as they get redesigned or refreshed. The engines have direct-injection and dual-overhead cam, producing a 10% increase in fuel efficiency.  
In addition to that, even the base four-cylinder will have a twin-cam profile setup, variable valve timing and direct injection. There are also rumors that a 1.6-liter diesel engine that can get up to 220 pound feet of torque could show up in the United States.
Also debuting with the 2013 Accord, you will see Honda put heavy emphasis on Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). However, not all of the lineup will receive a CVT, performance and off-road models will keep geared transmissions.
Product Line:
Fit – A redesigned Fit comes in summer of 2014. However, Honda might not wait until then to install the Earth Dreams engine and a CVT.
Fit Crossover – There has been rumors that Honda is studying the concept of a compact crossover that would be below the Honda CR-V. A smaller, entry-level crossover might be in store for 2015.  
Insight – The redesign is set to come for the 2015-model year.
Civic – Last year, Honda announced that it is working on a Civic refresh for the 2013 model set to come out this fall. You can expect improvements on the instrument panel, but the Earth Dreams engine and CVT might not be integrated until the 2014 mid-cycle refresh.
Crosstour – A mid-cycle refresh is due for the 2013-model year which will include a six-speed automatic transmission, but not an Earth Dreams engine.
Pilot – The redesigned Pilot will come out fall of 2014. It will most likely get an Earth Dreams V6, with a CVT for the front-wheel-drive version and a six-speed automatic transmission for the all-wheel-drive version.
Odyssey – The Earth Dreams engine will most likely be incorporated for the 2014-model year refresh.
Ridgeline – The redesigned Ridgeline is coming in 2014. Honda will most likely keep the handling dynamics and packaging, but change the styling and improve the fuel economy.
S2000 – Honda has alluded to the possibility of reviving the S2000, but it is not a priority at the moment.
Besides that, if you want to know what Honda is thinking for the next generation of vehicles, check out the 5 coolest concept cars by Honda post.

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