Atlanta Kids and Parents! Sign up your school to Hangout with Virgin Galactic

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Virgin Galactic are set to host their next Google Hangout on the April 25th, asking the question:“What’s it like to work in a space factory?” Even more excitingly, this special webchat could be taking place in one lucky applicant’s school classroom…

Ever wanted to meet an astronaut? Lucky teachers and students alike may just get that chance, with Virgin Galactic planning to host their next Google Hangout slap bang in their very own classroom.

Google Science Fair, currently accepting submissions from future scientists  aged 13 – 18 years old, is collaborating with Virgin Galactic in 2014’s competition, with successful entrants being given the opportunity to see Galactic’s Spaceport itself.

The special webchat, which will take place on Friday April 25th live from Mojave, asks a rather curious question: What is it like to work in a space factory?

The Panel

The webcast will be half an hour of top expert advice and anecdotes, with the panel’s hosts set to be space design guru Adam Wells, spaceship builder Joe Brennan, astronaut relations specialist Lauren De Niro Pipher, and rocket scientist Marissa Good.

Field Trip Days

The lucky applicants will get the opportunity to take part in one of Google Connected Classroom’s ‘Field Trip Days‘, a virtual experience that could see the winning school take part in a number of intergalactic classes without even having to grab a packed lunch. When applying, the candidates will be able to pick from a selection of experiences, including Fusion of Astrophysics and the Science of Cooking.

How to Enter

If you’re a space-hungry student or a teacher fascinated with the stars, you can sign up to get the chance to host the Virgin Galactic Hangout on Air on Friday April 25th. Simply fill in this form and you could be one of the two to three classrooms involved in the exciting event.

And for every one else, there is no need to miss out on the Virgin Galactic action – as you can watch along live from home too! 

To get more of a feel of the Google Science Fair Hangouts, you can also catch-up on Sam Branson speaking to Galactic experts on another crucial issue: “Why go to space”? 

Hangout with Virgin Galactic on Friday April 25th.

Find out about more future projects and events from Google Science Fair.

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