Honda: America’s Favorite Full Line Automaker

Harris Interactive favorite car brand survey barchart
Market research firm Harris Interactive has revealed that Mercedes-Benz and Honda are the two strongest auto brands in America according to its survey of more than 38,000 people.

The survey, known as the 2012 Harris EquiTrend study, puts a number to all of those warm and fuzzy feelings people have toward a particular brand as a way to measure its equity. Broken down a different way, the survey points out that American’s favorite automotive brands are German and Japanese.

Mercedes took top honors in the Luxury Automotive Brand of the Year for the second year in a row. It was followed by BMW, Lexus, Cadillac and Acura.

In the Full Line Automotive Brand of the Year category, Honda grabbed the top spot, beating out Toyota, Ford (last year’s winner), Chevrolet and Nissan. (Apparently Harris’ definition of “full line” differs a bit from ours, as brands like Subaru and Hyundai were also included).

Harris doesn’t provide much guidance about what sort of questions it asked to survey takers, but the final results seems to closely resemble America’s sales totals as well. This suggests people tend to like what they buy, or at least like what they’ve bought. Scroll down to read the press release to see what Harris says are America’s favorite in-car audio brands, motorcycle marques, tire companies and so on.

Honda: America’s Favorite Full Line Automaker

The ranking was close and the results are in – Honda overtakes both Toyota and Ford to become the 2012 Full Line Automotive Brand of the Year. It replaces last year’s top-ranked automaker, Ford.

Having overcome some quality concerns and recalls in 2011, Toyota has come back strong. It climbs into second place, which is up two notches from its fourth-place position in 2011, and that much closer to the top spot it held only two years ago in 2010. Toyota’s increase in brand equity is the largest of the brands measured in the category.

Although its equity score has actually increased, Ford has slipped to third place in the 2012 rankings- a further testament to the highly competitive nature of the automotive market. Chevrolet, Nissan, Subaru, Hyundai, and Volkswagen also rank above average in the full line automotive category.

In addition to measuring the brand equity of the luxury and full line automotive manufacturers, EQ also measures the auto industry’s ancillary products and services, including tires, motor oil, and service centers, among others. Here’s a look at the top brands in each category and how each of the categories stacks up overall:

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