The Rare Honda Civic Si Holds the Highest Residual Value in the Industry

Originally published at Torque News
2014 honda civic si red
By Parks McCants  2014-03-23 16:14

From time to time Torque News – Honda ventures out to the car lot for a look at used, late model Honda inventory. In Western Oregon we find used Civic Si availability to be bordering on non-existent.

Saturday looked like a good day to venture out and torture a used car salesman or two in search of the perfect used Civic Si Coupe or Sedan.

Not being enamored by the the Darth Vader-esque nose treatment of the 2014, we were toying with the idea of picking up a 2013 model and kicking up the performance a bit through aftermarket performance upgrades.

Counting on claiming measurable savings on a slightly used (demo) 2013, we headed out to the greater Eugene, Springfield metro region to cruise a lot or two in the search for what proved to be a very elusive quarry.

Kendall Honda of Eugene, didn’t have a 2013 Si on the lot. They did have a handful (3) 2103 Civics for sale, but they were priced within pennies of the 2014 model and were not the coveted Si. 3 months into 2014 finds 2013 civic stock sold out.

Yes, you can locate a Ridgeline, CR-Z and an Insight or two, but that’s for a later story. Western Oregon proved to be devoid of late model demo or used Civic Si Coupes or Sedans.

A quick search of the Web revealed that remaining 2013 inventory was minimal and resided mostly in the Sunbelt. Florida dealers had a few Si Coups in stock, but that was 3200 miles from home. We weren’t planning a trip down south anytime soon.

Being resourceful and wishing to kick the coldly received 2012 Si to the curb, we opted to reduce our sights a bit and search for 2006- 2011 Civic Si Coupes and Sedans. They weren’t cheap.

Honda Accord and Civic have been noted by as having the highest residue value in the industry at time of trade in or resale. No kidding, a stock off-the lot 2009 Si coupe with 25,200 miles on the odometer demands $17,976, a 2012 with 15,325 miles on the odometer demands $19,995.

While you may be able to negotiate the asking price down a bit, based on these numbers, a 5 year old Si with relatively low miles in “A” condition will re-sell for 65-70% of what a fully loaded 2014 will cost you; about a $1,000 per year depreciation; unheard of in the world of automotive resale.

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